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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Is a time to relax and enjoy my husband and children. We've been enjoying  the time off from our "homeschool" life . It's so nice just to be the Mom for a little while :). In fact my 6yr. old just asked for icecream and I said yes! Can you imagine, I'm trying on the answer yes as much as possible, you see when I get overwhelmed I tend to just answer with a no and then think about it and change my mind. My better half
smile in a bowl!
has taken to calling me the "Mummer of No" lately so this has been a goal of mine this summer. And it's so much nicer to see my children smile especially since I really should be saying "yes" most of the time! Like to vanilla icecream sprinkled with minni chocolate chips, yum. Instant smile!


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  2. I love that the summer gives all of us moms a chance to say the unexpected "yes"!

  3. Amen Natalie! Thank you for your comment. I see we met over at Moments with Mother Culture. I just love Karen's books and blog, she is such an inspiration.