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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Weekend Project

How about making a book wreath? This one was a fun project for me, once my Mom saw mine she had to have one too!
I began by making my own form with hangers, floral wire and gorilla glue! Or you can by a metal one at a craft store but the urge to create hit me when it was to late to run to the store!
I had a old book of fiction that I thought I could put to better use, you curl the pages making sure to make each cone similar in shape ( I used thick craft glue) when you have about 45 cones you hot glue one row to the form and then the next on top. My finished product didn't really look like a wreath since the hole in the middle was so small so mine became a flower once we crinkled up a page and placed it in the middle.

We first tried it on a bedroom door, it needed more contrast.

Here it is in it's final resting place, you might recognize the silhouettes from earlier.

Have a blessed weekend.
The Keeper

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sleeping with Thankfulness

As I read One Thousand Gifts till I fell asleep last night I realized I woke through the night with gratefulness on my heart, what a gift! We have had a very busy few weeks and I am challenged again to pick up my thankfulness journal and add to the list. As I practise thankfulness I am also practising peacefulness, they seem to go hand in hand, not allowing myself to be so flustered that I become unkind to my family, but taking time to see beauty through their eyes.
Take time, Slow down, Be blessed,

9. cheeks soft with sleep
10. children creating beauty with nature
11. love from a husband
12. my messy house (we live here)
13. peaceful sleep
14. two more days of school!!!

Happy thankfulness hunting!