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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well School's out! and we've been busy, Looks like I might have the opportunity to sell some of my cottages at a store in Strasburg, Pa. The one above will be Honeysuckle Cottage :)

Look real hinges!!!

I always need some good advice! We decided to Modpodge some scrapbook wallpaper onto our house before putting it together! Did you ever look at the dollhouse wallpaper at the craft store? Leaves much to be desired! Sooo just use scrapbook paper, there are so many way better options!

Here are the clamps my Dad bought me for Christmas! Did I mention he also gave me his scroll saw? Thanks for the help Dad :)

Real bark from the woods behind my Parent's home. I was going to use left over dollhouse shingles but Bubby said I needed to keep that woodland look! I totally agree ( Gotta love that 10 yr. old wisdom)

Here it is with moss tucked in the spaces, I love when it begins coming together at this point! Makes me so excited :)

Bad photo but these are the little tea sets and cakes we make out of clay to go with each house. ( So much fun, my kids usually get in on the act at this point)

Had to take a break and go let the fish go in the pond, hopefully these will make it (we've already managed to kill 6!!!) But at least we kept them from being turtle food...

Here she is completely furnished! ( I wish I had logged my hours on this one... feels like it took forever!)

Here's the bedroom, cradle and all!

Living room with Mom and Pop chairs and red tea set for relaxing  in front of the fire :) Each chair takes 50 min. to make!!! and that didn't include cutting out the pieces...

No cottage is complete without a fireplace.

This house had to have a summer kitchen, and a yummy cake!

Here she is complete ( you'll never know just how good it feels to say that!

Side door of the summer kitchen
Home sweet home! For a little Mouse family
( I make all my houses to fit the Calico Critters my Bestie plays with)
I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are here... remember to have fun and make memories with those kiddos before they grow up!!!
The Keeper


  1. Beautiful work, and so much detail. It's adorable, and I love that your kids like getting in on the action.

  2. Thanks so much Susie! I love having my kids involved in what I do too :)

  3. How cute! You guys did a wonderful job!

  4. Your Mother Culture break has brought forth the sweetest fruit. Honeysuckle Cottage is darling. I like the moss, the crochet rugs, the easy-chairs, rounded windows and doors with shutters in candy-apple red - - and real hinges. Thanks for contributing something for sale that is made with care and "made in America."
    Karen A.

    1. Thanks Karen,
      Your encouragement always puts a smile on my face :)
      I'll be delivering them tomorrow to Sweet Charity Thrift and Boutique in Strasburg. The owners are Christians and contribute a large amount of their proceeds to missions. I'm grateful they are letting me bring my things in.
      Take care,

  5. I luv ur houses, and I ope they sell. anyone who would not buy them is insane!!!