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Friday, December 16, 2011

A New Color in the Living Room

Here is the living room before (my husbands favorite color :) He's so sweet, my turn to pick the color!
Look at all the trim to be painted!
I moved the piano myself! With a little help from some cardboard under the wheels... I'm way to impatient! Somebody with the muscles was away hunting! (I still haven't decided what to do about the shelves, they are a necessary evil, must keep the school books handy..)
See those yellow chairs? They are my favorite in the house, and I found them for 10 $ each at a yard sale. This has become our new spot for morning coffee.
So, here's to gray for a nice change, and yes the doors still need painting all 7 of them! But I think it can wait till after Christmas! And then I've some ideas about what to do with the empty walls.


  1. Fresh paint on the walls - so nice - something that Miriam looked forward to doing at Christmastime in "No Holly for Miss Quine." The matching yellow chairs are indeed a find. Yellow is so cheery.
    Happy New Year,
    Karen A.

  2. i love this color! great choice!! i also love -love - love your morning coffee chairs =D great job kimmy!!