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Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss Mousie's House

My Bestie and I were introduced to this story this past Autumn. ( I believe we first heard of it through Moments with Mother Culture, and Blueberry Cottage both found in my blog list)
What a delightful tale. After reading and re-reading our imaginations began to turn!

In this delightful story a little mouse gets lost, and as she's looking for home she comes across a curious nest in the tall grasses of the meadow. She climbs up and peeks in to see other mice living here. She's invited to tea and has a lovely time. She does learn a very important lesson about obeying her parents as she spends some time hiding in the dark until her parents find her.

Autumn Story Brambly Hedge

So we began to imagine how could we re-create a Harvest Mouse house. I started with a large Christmas ball from Christmas Tree Store. With a little muscle I used an exacto knife to cut open the front and give her some windows.

A view from the back

Miss Mousie's living room, and loft bedroom with a view of the stars from her little bedroom window

Looks like tea is ready in the kitchen nook, yum who wouldn't want some strawberry cake!

Miss Mousie used a hymnal of unusual songs to paper the inside of her home, I wonder if she sings while she does her dishes?
I hope you have enjoyed visiting Miss Mousie's House as much as I enjoyed creating it.
                                   The Keeper

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  1. This harvest mouse house is so cute and so like those wild mouse houses built in the hedgerows in England - with the exception of a window that looks out at the stars. How crafty you are.
    Karen A.