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Monday, October 31, 2011

A little side tracked!

Too many irons in the fire!!! I started on the kitchen cabinets and then a friend of mine encouraged me to make some things to sell at a Christmas Extravaganza soooo, I've been making baby dolls and kitchen wash cloth sets, and even a mouse house, next I need to finish the bark cabin :).
 I'll post some pictures soon and let you know the dates of the Extravaganza I know for sure it will be
November 17th. The sale is to benefit the Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Center in Columbia.
 So come back soon and I'll have the location and a preview of what I'll have available at my table.
Happy Fall, Even with snow on the ground!!!
The Keeper

Thursday, October 13, 2011

He said "Go Ahead" And I said "REALLY?"

Yep, my honey gave me the go head to paint my ancient pine cupboards. I'm so thrilled.
When we moved into this house I intended to do it then... but you know how that goes and so 7 years later and I'm ready.( Oops we just got a card from our realtor congratulating us on 8yrs, my how time flies!)

Begin small and clean a cupboard for inspiration!
(He said he knew what was coming when I started this project!)

This makes me feel good every time I open it!

Wow these need help!!!
I sanded these with 100 grit, Then primed them with Zinsser

Time out for Tea :)

Not a great Picture but here they are!
The black dog looks good with the hardware!
Old hymnal pages mode podged to the bottom of the drawers, I love how this feels. All glossy and clean.
Something pretty from a walk with Granny while Mommy painted!
I'm hoping to paint the rest of the cupboards white, I just wanted a hint of happy yellow in the kitchen. Once I prime them I'll know if it'll look good that way or if I need to keep with the yellow theme.
Well, it's taken me about two hours to upload and reshuffle all these pictures, tuck three children in bed, pat down the pizza dough for it's second rising and battle this cat hair in my eye!!! Hope you are having a great evening and enjoy seeing our "fun" here at Dream Cottage!
The Keeper