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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Time to Be Grateful

 I am tempted this Christmas season to be overwhelmed by all the "must get dones". I announced last week (to a chorus of Yipee's) that Friday was our last day of school. But still it seems like life won't slow down, I guess I'm just going to have to make it come to a halt. It will help that I delivered our last baby doll today, went to the final Christmas concert, and Daddy worked his last day :).
 As I read other blogs I'm reminded to take time to slow down go outside and breath in the fresh air, allow myself time to think and be happy in the Lord. It is after all Christmastime!!!
 Today we celebrate Bubby's 10th Birthday! How exciting :) I keep telling my kids no more birthdays but they refuse to listen! Tonight we eat Shrimp and chocolate cake with blue icing! Bub's choice.
 May you too take some time to consider the goodness of the Lord on this 4th day till Christmas. Here are a few things I'm grateful for,

15. violin music (from my 12yr. old)
16. birthday presents at 6am
17. mistletoe
18. putting away the sewing machine!!!
19. snowflakes in the window (fake ones...)
20. new paint on the walls
21. Christmastime
22. David Tolk's Christmas CD (it makes me wish I was a ballerina)

Merry Christmas!
 The Keeper

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