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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Martha B. Rabbit

Once there was a small brown rabbit whose name was Martha B. Rabbit. Her house was at the foot of an old apple tree in the middle of a wild and tangled  forest. There were bright flowers at the front of the house and at the back was a vegetable garden where she grew all the things that rabbits like to eat.

This is just the beginning of Bestie's favorite story, we love it so much that we wanted to bring Martha B. to life.

Martha B.
Martha needs an apron.

Bestie and I love to bring storybooks to life in our own everyday world.

What book will you choose to recreate for your children to play with?

Hope your creative juices are running!
 The Keeper


  1. this is so sweet and a really fun idea! i can't wait until grace has a favorite book that her and i can bring to to life =)

  2. Martha B is darling. Playing make-believe is a delight.

    My young daughters liked the characters from the story "Wind in the Willows" as depicted on a British children's film. (We read the book aloud later.) Playing make-believe they would become Moley or Rattie but never took on the characters of Toad or Badger. I would hear things like, "Let's swing on the swing, Moley." "Okay, Rattie." I didn't worry about the fact that these characters of Kenneth Grahame were bachelors.
    Karen A.