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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To The Fair!

  It's been a great summer, we've played, rested and just enjoyed being together.
Last week was the Elizabethtown Fair, it's great because we all get to participate.
This year we each won a ribbon, or two!
First for a Mammoth Sunflower
Honorable Mention for a one of a kind house (maybe we could shrink and go live there)
Fourth Place Ferris Wheel ( Couldn't find directions so he used a picture!)

Remember this wreath? Third place!
First for a one of a kind doll blanket (hand stiched and made of sock tops)

A favorite felted purse

 Great memories stored up for winter time inspiration. What will we make next year?
Hope you will soon be enjoying a Fair near you!
The Keeper

1 comment:

  1. Your children look happy with their ribbons. Isn't it fun to participate in a country fair? You're holding up the purse I saw on your arm when we bumped into each other while shopping in Strasburg. I'm not at all surprised this pretty purse won a blue ribbon. It caught my eye with all its various shades of pink crochet. Nothing store-bought can compare. I hope we bump into each other again.
    Karen A.