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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To The Fair!

  It's been a great summer, we've played, rested and just enjoyed being together.
Last week was the Elizabethtown Fair, it's great because we all get to participate.
This year we each won a ribbon, or two!
First for a Mammoth Sunflower
Honorable Mention for a one of a kind house (maybe we could shrink and go live there)
Fourth Place Ferris Wheel ( Couldn't find directions so he used a picture!)

Remember this wreath? Third place!
First for a one of a kind doll blanket (hand stiched and made of sock tops)

A favorite felted purse

 Great memories stored up for winter time inspiration. What will we make next year?
Hope you will soon be enjoying a Fair near you!
The Keeper

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Martha B. Rabbit

Once there was a small brown rabbit whose name was Martha B. Rabbit. Her house was at the foot of an old apple tree in the middle of a wild and tangled  forest. There were bright flowers at the front of the house and at the back was a vegetable garden where she grew all the things that rabbits like to eat.

This is just the beginning of Bestie's favorite story, we love it so much that we wanted to bring Martha B. to life.

Martha B.
Martha needs an apron.

Bestie and I love to bring storybooks to life in our own everyday world.

What book will you choose to recreate for your children to play with?

Hope your creative juices are running!
 The Keeper