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Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss Mousie's House

My Bestie and I were introduced to this story this past Autumn. ( I believe we first heard of it through Moments with Mother Culture, and Blueberry Cottage both found in my blog list)
What a delightful tale. After reading and re-reading our imaginations began to turn!

In this delightful story a little mouse gets lost, and as she's looking for home she comes across a curious nest in the tall grasses of the meadow. She climbs up and peeks in to see other mice living here. She's invited to tea and has a lovely time. She does learn a very important lesson about obeying her parents as she spends some time hiding in the dark until her parents find her.

Autumn Story Brambly Hedge

So we began to imagine how could we re-create a Harvest Mouse house. I started with a large Christmas ball from Christmas Tree Store. With a little muscle I used an exacto knife to cut open the front and give her some windows.

A view from the back

Miss Mousie's living room, and loft bedroom with a view of the stars from her little bedroom window

Looks like tea is ready in the kitchen nook, yum who wouldn't want some strawberry cake!

Miss Mousie used a hymnal of unusual songs to paper the inside of her home, I wonder if she sings while she does her dishes?
I hope you have enjoyed visiting Miss Mousie's House as much as I enjoyed creating it.
                                   The Keeper

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Now I can Relax!

Today was the big day! We delivered our cottages to Sweet Charity Thrift Store and Boutiqe in Stasburg Pa.
Look what Sally was about to eat up!!! We had to rescue this little robin :)

 If you're in the Amish country and feel like popping in, the store is located at 21 West Main St. Strasburg, Pa.
That's all for tonight, Good night all,
The Keeper

Monday, June 25, 2012


a Rafflecopter giveaway Check out this awsome give away!!! Don't you wish you could win this camera, one of the reasons I havn't been blogging is that my pictures are never that great, and I have a hard time accessing them on my laptop... So here goes a chance to share an opportunity to win :) Have fun! The Keeper

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well School's out! and we've been busy, Looks like I might have the opportunity to sell some of my cottages at a store in Strasburg, Pa. The one above will be Honeysuckle Cottage :)

Look real hinges!!!

I always need some good advice! We decided to Modpodge some scrapbook wallpaper onto our house before putting it together! Did you ever look at the dollhouse wallpaper at the craft store? Leaves much to be desired! Sooo just use scrapbook paper, there are so many way better options!

Here are the clamps my Dad bought me for Christmas! Did I mention he also gave me his scroll saw? Thanks for the help Dad :)

Real bark from the woods behind my Parent's home. I was going to use left over dollhouse shingles but Bubby said I needed to keep that woodland look! I totally agree ( Gotta love that 10 yr. old wisdom)

Here it is with moss tucked in the spaces, I love when it begins coming together at this point! Makes me so excited :)

Bad photo but these are the little tea sets and cakes we make out of clay to go with each house. ( So much fun, my kids usually get in on the act at this point)

Had to take a break and go let the fish go in the pond, hopefully these will make it (we've already managed to kill 6!!!) But at least we kept them from being turtle food...

Here she is completely furnished! ( I wish I had logged my hours on this one... feels like it took forever!)

Here's the bedroom, cradle and all!

Living room with Mom and Pop chairs and red tea set for relaxing  in front of the fire :) Each chair takes 50 min. to make!!! and that didn't include cutting out the pieces...

No cottage is complete without a fireplace.

This house had to have a summer kitchen, and a yummy cake!

Here she is complete ( you'll never know just how good it feels to say that!

Side door of the summer kitchen
Home sweet home! For a little Mouse family
( I make all my houses to fit the Calico Critters my Bestie plays with)
I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are here... remember to have fun and make memories with those kiddos before they grow up!!!
The Keeper

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Good to Relax

Time is the woods always makes me feel better :) And that's just what we did over the holidays. I'm glad since it's freezing now and I most definitely am turning into a sissy the older I get!

Today was a day I would rather not repeat... you know one of those when you get nothing "important" done and you keep apologizing to the kids for saying everything with the wrong attitude! So I thought I'd just sit here and do something that makes me feel better. Don't they say confession is good for the soul? Hopefully mine will wake with a better attitude in the morning! Maybe I should head back up to the woods!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Here it Comes...

 I've so enjoyed our time off, from school and the normal "routine" of life. I've even had the most wonderful two days with absolutely no depressed thoughts, I've even found myself goofing off with my kids!!!
 So why this morning am I feeling crunched again? School starts again Monday (or Tuesday...) and I'm coming under the pressure once again. I've tried to evaluate why yesterday and the day before were so great, 1. I was free to catch up on my crafts. 2. No pressure to hurry and get anything done. 3. I have had plenty of sleep :). 4. I even had devotions the last two mornings. So... why can't I keep things in perspective during the school weeks too? I'm old enough to know better but I let the system get to me. You see I've never wanted to home school like we were "in" school. I want my home to be a place of learning and yes there are times to hit the books but I'm feeling more and more like it's all hard work and no play.
 My New Years resolution to pray and ask God to help me think outside the pressure and be a happy Mummer!!!

Wouldn't you want to enjoy this family too!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Time to Be Grateful

 I am tempted this Christmas season to be overwhelmed by all the "must get dones". I announced last week (to a chorus of Yipee's) that Friday was our last day of school. But still it seems like life won't slow down, I guess I'm just going to have to make it come to a halt. It will help that I delivered our last baby doll today, went to the final Christmas concert, and Daddy worked his last day :).
 As I read other blogs I'm reminded to take time to slow down go outside and breath in the fresh air, allow myself time to think and be happy in the Lord. It is after all Christmastime!!!
 Today we celebrate Bubby's 10th Birthday! How exciting :) I keep telling my kids no more birthdays but they refuse to listen! Tonight we eat Shrimp and chocolate cake with blue icing! Bub's choice.
 May you too take some time to consider the goodness of the Lord on this 4th day till Christmas. Here are a few things I'm grateful for,

15. violin music (from my 12yr. old)
16. birthday presents at 6am
17. mistletoe
18. putting away the sewing machine!!!
19. snowflakes in the window (fake ones...)
20. new paint on the walls
21. Christmastime
22. David Tolk's Christmas CD (it makes me wish I was a ballerina)

Merry Christmas!
 The Keeper