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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Tutorial Upon Request

I have a small gallery wall and a few of my friends have asked if I'd share how I made the silhouettes of the children.




   You begin by taking a digital picture, I wanted some detail to my silhouettes so I had them pose before changing out of their church clothes ( look closely at the silhouette you can see their collars).  Use the same stool and don't move it so the distance from the wall is the same and their ages will show in the final product, it's slight but their heads are different sizes. Make sure they are all facing right.

Print out your pictures as 3by5 in color on normal printer paper, use small scissors (I used embroidery ones) for fine detail and cut out the face, now with a little scrapbook glue, glue the color side of the face onto black cardstock. You should now have a white silhouette on the black paper. Use your embroidery scissors to cut out along the white silhouette, TaDa you've made your own silhouette!

A keepsake to cherish forever!

Blessings, the Keeper



  1. Wow - that's really neat! I might have to try that one of these days....I love your gallery wall too!!! :-)

  2. I wish I had made silhouettes of my children when young. My long distance pen-friend knew this. She made silhouettes of her six children years back. This past Christmas I was surprised and puzzled at the gift I unwrapped from her - a silhouette of my grandson William. How? She had secretly contacted my daughter and requested she take a photograph of William so she could make and send the silhouette from afar. It sits on our fireplace mantel.

    On a recent tour of Rockford Plantation in Lancaster I eyed an 18th century framed silhouette of some children (the Hand children?) that hangs in the parlor. Yours look smart in your gallery.
    Karen A.